Saturday, 30 March 2013


So why this blog?  Mostly because I hope it'll be an easy way of keeping some sort of restoration log, even though I've been at it for 5 months already.  And not in the least, because I hope to get in touch with as many other Humber owners as possible. 

So, pictures, and many of them:

She's home - and I'm not...
Did you know the Super Snipe is by far the smallest of the three Humbers I now have?  Not compared to the FIAT 500 however!

Most of the upholstery is salvageable, except for the headlining and the front carpets.
Don't let looks deceive you - this car has been 'museum prepared'.  In other words, made to look relatively nice through the use of loads of filler and paint.  The lowest 10 cm of the body have very extensive rust damage.

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