Friday, 29 March 2013

Aalholm Auction

7 July 2012: Email from a fellow Humber addict: "Hi Flip, Check this out.  It's only the second 1939 Humber Super Snipe I have ever come across....  If it was in England, it would certainly be joining my collection".  In other words: grab it while you can!

Between 7/7 and 12/8: many a night spent wide awake.  The 1939 Humber Super Snipe is the perfect car to join my collection: the early version of the 4086cc side-valve engine that runs through the war until 1953, on the short wheel base, cross braced, chassis of the 1938 Snipe.  In saloon form.  There are also sports saloons, which are just ever so slightly less beautiful. The only left hand drive, and one of only two known surviving 'early 1939' saloons (I'll post details about the differences later, I'm sure).  This is an opportunity so rare, the thought of someone else running off with it leaves me with a stomach ache...

14 August 2012: At the RM Auction in Aalholm, Denmark, a 1939 Humber Super Snipe is auctioned.  A sorry wreck, the state she's in brings tears to my eyes, but a must have :-).  Against several other bidders, in between million kroner Ferrari's, Bugatti's and a Maybach Zeppelin, and at slightly less than all the money I decided I was willing to spend, I hear "All said, all done, sold!  To Lord Humber!".

Aalholm auction: 1939 Humber Super Snipe, and great weather as well!

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