Saturday, 30 March 2013

First steps

Plan: Body work, front to back.  Missing metal to be replaced, as close to original as I can get it.  Sounds simple, ehh?

This is the leading edge of the body, i.e. the drivers left foot.  The rot is extensive because it's covered by the wing and the running board. 
As I'm writing this some months after the work has been done: 'Work in progress':

The body is similar all around.
The left rear wing was almost completely detached from the car - three layers have rusted away: wing flange, outside body, and inner wheel well.  This will be an interesting part to fix...

The left front door isn't too nice either.  The frame has had a new part brazed onto it, meaning rot has simply continued on the skin.  Bottom line: lowest 5/10 cm of both skin and frame must be and have been replaced.

And the rebuilt door has been fitted.  Progress so far: both front wings, bonnet, radiator cowling, left inner and outer doorsill, both left doors.  All parts are basically ready for final sanding before a layer of primer can be sprayed on.

By the way, the door hinges are really really really tough to remove. 

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