Sunday, 2 March 2014

Right after left

OK, left rear quarter done.  Had a bit of fun moving her to the other side of the garage so that I can get to the other side more easily.  Did you know she's huge, and driving in the twilight with a fogged over windshield and no brakes is not perse the wisest move?  But certainly fun :-)

Right rear quarter: pretty much in the same shape as the left rear was.  See below.

Tried to remove the rear spring, but the front bolt won't come out of its bush.  Everything I could do was done, but all that happens is that the cage is forced out.  Well, something about Moses and mountains then: disassembled the leaf spring in place, painted, and ready to refit.

Body work is progressing here as well, running board (yes RAG, they truly are wood!) repainted, new support made, etc.  The welding is going to be fun with all the horse hair on the other side of this thin sheet metal.

Timespan: should finish this quarter in the next 6 weeks, save perhaps the wing itself.  The shrinker/stretcher I bought is certainly a great improvement to hours and hours of hammering!

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