Monday, 29 July 2013

Left rear quarter

My carpenter came over last weekend - either I didn't give him enough or too much beer...
Anyway, these pieces hold the spare wheel lid and are thoroughly rotten. 

While waiting for the carpenter to sleep off his hangover, I've replaced loads of rust with new sheet metal and a first bit of paint.  Almost all sheet metal in the rear quarter, i.e. boot floor (three layers), inner wheel well, and the outside panel have been replaced.

Without wooden supports:

And with the wooden supports back in place:

Inside the trunk, showing the tools storage bay with new floor.  While grinding off excess welds, this caused a bit of a fire - a spark must have somehow gotten to the inside of the rear seat upholstery and started causing a bit of smoke there.  It took 10 liters of water to kill it....

The wing is progressing slowly, lots of fittings and adjustments but starting to look good!

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