Monday, 3 June 2013

Left rear fender Mk3

The inner fender now mostly done, it's time to tackle the fender/wing itself.  Most people would consider this a lost cause, and rightly so...  It's pretty horrific:

Plan of attack: first make a new mounting plate.  Now that the inner fender is repaired, this can be bolted onto the car and in that way, provide the exact shape the fender should follow.  After that, I'll repair the fender bit by bit.  The toughest bit seems to me to be the curved edge at the bottom of the wing. 
The front wings have a wire edge, the rear wings both have a more simple curved edge.  I wonder which is authentic...

I can't help doing several things at the same time.  I've already been working on removing the *bleep* window winder...
to be able to remove the door card to get at this:
The rod connecting the door to the pillar has been bent out of the way for ages, and the spring loaded mechanism behind it apparently jammed.  I'll get to it, just give me time!

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