Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Left rear door, part 3

Turns out that with a few hours of very careful hammering, I was able to shrink the weld and get a reasonably well line-out door.  Part of the trick was to remove all the excess weld on the inside of the panel.  See below

The average deviation is less than 1 mm, and when I get a better flat panel hammer I'll continue to remove some of the bumps.  But bottom line: it's going in the right direction without a new repair piece :-)
So what is the next project area?  The basic plan is to refabricate the rear-most box area, it is completely rotten and in addition, it covers the lower rear outside panel (the part with the dents).  To knock the dents out, you need to cut out the box section completely.  Luckily I have Mrs Erlands' restoration log, which covers the exact same procedure. The trunk:

A few repair pieces and a severely dented rear section.

You're not supposed to have external lighting here.  But the section looks much easier to attack now that all the junk and cardboard panels are gone.

Left rear corner.

And from below.

Oops, spare wheel cover doesn't quite line up.  Fitting the top section of the trunk lid shows it is most likely the spare wheel cover that's out of line, since the top part fits properly.  I'll need to spend some time measuring to confirm this.




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